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Amplifier Discussion / Crate FX212 speaker disconnection
November 25, 2022, 04:03:55 AM
I have a problem with my Crate FX212 120w, probably it's impossible to repair, it's no matter now. For the moment, to makes it work somehow, I have to turn it on for a while without speakers, and I did it twice, but I want to be sure it won't damage the amp. Generally, the solid state are ok with it, but I want to be sure about this amp.

This are the schematic:

Can you help me with this?

Hello guys, my first post here.
I want to realize a big little amp for practice for my electric guitars.
After some mini amp I would like to build something louder. I found this mini amp:

None schematic, but I know it based on TDA2003. I already built a Triple Wreck to use as hi-gain channel, but also a Tonemender to use as clean channel. I like both when I tested them with the guitar and my main guitar amp.

Now I built the TDA2003 power amp taken from the last part of this schematic:

Of course, I have omitted the input stage.

But, testing the TDA2003 circuit I have many problems. I partially shielded with tinfoil.
I connected the circuit with a cheap homemade cab with a guitar speaker 8", 8 Ohm, 15w.
The PSU is a 12v 3A.

1. Too much hum when I increase the volume.
2. Some ground problem, I guess, I feel through my fingers a kind of... tingle? when I touch the hardware of the guitar as well as the strings.
3. I wanted a clean amp, but this start to clip too soon. At max I got about the distortiom of a LM386, and not more volume then my Noisy Cricket (LM386 based).

Need help.

Thank you!