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.2V? My cheap meter probably.
Finally had a chance to get back to it.
T4 Pin 1 -37.3v
       2 +33.9v
       3 -37.8v
T5 Pin 1 +0.6v
       2 +36.2v
       3 +28.6v
T6 Pin 1 +33.9v
       2 +34.1v
       3 +33.7v
Amp is still on dim bulb tester
T3 pin 1 goes to C4
T3 pin 3 goes to R7
So that checks out as well. It would sure be handy if Marshall gave us some voltages and a board layout.
D4 cathode goes to pin 2 of T5
R42 goes to pin 3 of T5
That checks out according to the schematic.
Actually looks like both have CBE pinouts
So T3
c -40.1v
b -40.6v
e -40.6v

c 31.4v
b 39.0v
e 0.6v

Is it possible the new ones dont have the same pinout as the originals?
Well shoot. I was assuming the same pinouts as T1 and T2. Here it is corrected.

T3 E -40.6v
   B -40.6v
   C -40.1v

T5 E 0.6v
   B 39.0v
   C 31.4v

T3 pins 1,2,3=C,B,E
T5 pins 1,2,3=E,B,C

T3 E -40.1v
   B -40.6v
   C -40.6v

T5 E 0.6v
   B 39.0v
   C 31.4v

I'll get some pics up when I can, I'm out of town for a couple days. Had time to snag some voltages before i left.
Well, I've replaced T1 and T2 as well as D1. Still reading pretty much the same voltages. At this point, all transistors have been replaced in the amplifier portion. I hate to deem this unit a loss but I am leaning that way as it was quite a mess with the traces from prior techs. Im 99% sure I have all the traces repaired correctly.
I don't see 2SA872 on Mouser, is KSA992 a good sub?
T4 E to B  0.3V

T1 E 0.6v
   B 0v
   C -35.8v

T2 E 0.6V
   B 15.1v
   C -36.5v

R5 671 ohms

D1 checks good

So looks like T1 is bad?
I corrected that above, yes it was just a typo. Voltages are correct for the given transistors.
Had a few other projects to tend to, but finally got around to getting those voltages.

T6 MJF122
E  34.6V
B  35.5v
C  35.1v

T4 TIP29
E  -39.5v
B  -39.2v
C  35.2v
Everything in that string is good. Retested T4 and T3 are good. Replaced T6. Made sure pinouts are all correct. Still showing voltage at the output.