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July 15, 2024, 08:26:15 AM

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Boss Katana50 MK1

Started by Monkeyb61, October 17, 2022, 02:02:25 PM

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Does anyone know if the existence of a schematic for a  Boss Kantana 50 is available ?

It seems only to exist in people heads like the fabled unicorn.



It is very unlikely you will find a schematic for this now, if ever.  It's possible you will find a wiring schematic that breaks down how things hook up inside (PCB 1 goes to pins A, B, C etc).

For what reason do you need the schematic?  Most times amps like this either break with a simple thing (need to resolder a jack, or replace a potentiometer, maybe blown speaker) or are completely unfixable (DSP module dies).
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I bought the amp second hand, No output or function lights working.

I believe the main power amp TDA7293V had been damaged by a power spike and found to be fried.

I replaced the chip and it checked all components upstream from the chip. All were found to within spec, but the the amp still is dead.

Any idea's would be apricated.


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Tried a Factory Reset?
Hold down the Panel button & turn the unit on.
All of the LEDs should begin to blink.
If not, you are SOL.
Have you checked each voltage regulator?


Many Boss/Roland schematics seem like fabled unicorns if you are not authorized to have them.  :)  They are very protective of their IP.
I'm a bit surprised to see the MkII is leaked and available online.  The MkI is not though.
Here is a thread with a couple bits of the schem and some info about the less common pcb mount fuses: