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I'm having trouble with the volume-controll!!! (Image intensive page)

Started by syndromet, May 23, 2007, 10:06:16 PM

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I have sent my girlfriend and daughter home to my mother in law for about a week, wich has given me time to finnish of my stereo LM 1875 amp. I'we done all the offboard wiring now, and everything should be ok. I'we added a volume pot at the input, and it works ok when it comes to control volume. However, when I turn it down, my chips start to clip, like it does when it's getting to hot. Sort of like a hard tremolo. when playing above half the volume, I don't have this problem, and I don't have it when I use the volume controll on my Behringer gdi21, wich I use as a preamp.

The amp sound fantastic, anyway, but it would be great to be able to controll the volume, as it is plenty loud. Could it be low freequenzy oscilaion? Ground loops?

Some pics, just for fun. The pics are taken with a cell phone-camera, so this hing looks a lot better in real life.

Gutshot. Wiring looks messy here, but is in fact pretty neat.

Another gut shot

The fan and led controlling circuit

The volume pot in question

The input and outputs

Power switch, fan and led