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July 21, 2024, 09:01:09 AM

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SS circuit design questions

Started by Fossilshark, August 03, 2018, 01:27:34 AM

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Hi, i haven't been on this forum in a bit but I've had some questions about SS audio (specifically guitar) circuit design:

I found this class AB circuit and built it with 3904/3906 and got a few watts quality out of it. Can i just pop in beefier transistors and raise the voltage to get more wattage? Do i need to worry about biasing?

If i want more wattage do i need a preamp circuit with more gain?

How would germanium transistors in the poweramp affect the sound? Even if its just a germanium PNP with a 2N3055?


Sort of.  You need to back up that higher voltage with higher current capability of the power supply.  It's more about current than voltage.


Is the current increase due to just a higher voltage on the load resistance?


I'm not trying to dampen your enthusiasm, but the chances of that circuit working without modification are not very good. If you want simplicity, try a chipamp circuit. Slightly more complicated are the circuits in this thread:


The circuit I posted in reply #7 can be adjusted to accommodate just about any power supply.