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October 03, 2023, 08:50:51 PM

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Trifelex unit

Started by phatt, April 06, 2016, 02:51:05 AM

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Just had a Peavey Triflex PA rig here,, only problem was the intermittent "Speakon connectors" that connect to the 2 satellite speakers. Just dirt cheap chassis mounted connectors by the looks of it so a quick bypass and other connectors fixed the problem :tu:

My Q; Does anyone know how they get this thing to work? :loco
Claims 250W at 4 Ohm for each remote speaker out and then drives the built in subwoofer. I was expecting to see at least 2 power amps but this unit has what looks like a very basic maybe ~50Watt power amp and then some tricked up circuitry to run all 3 speakers.
Only 2 power transistors clamped onto the thin alloy case running from 35Volt rails, heck and not a heat sink in sight, WTF? :o :loco

Even if it's only 50 watts, I'd still be interested to know how they drive a sub and then two 4 Ohm speakers as well, all off one rather over rated mono amp. Even with no heat sink This thing does not seem to run hot.

The output of the power amp goes through a bunch of inductors and caps (Middle PCB) and then to each speaker output and that part has me confused as the remote speakers have a normal X-over system for 10inch and horn.

The two power transistors are 2SC3263 and 2SA1294 which seem to be a 230V/15A/130W Pwr transistor. pre-drivers are MJE15032g and MJE15033g.
The 2 emitter resistors are .8 Ohm which seem rather high but might help driving very low Z but then that would reduce the power somewhat. It certainly is not anywhere near 200watts the sub breaks up if you try to push it hard. so it's rather gutless.
Thanks, Phil.

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