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reverb & noisy cricket... reverb first?

Started by erikb1971, February 02, 2012, 06:47:08 AM

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Hi all

I am building a noisy cricket for a friend, and I want to build a small reverb in there. Normally you would want to place the reverb after the distortion... is there a way to do that with the noisy cricket?

And does anyone know of a nice simple diy reverb?



J M Fahey

If the distortion comes from an overdriven power amp ... it´s the last stage ... period.
Nothing too bad about that.
Same happens with *all* killer Fender Reverb amps (Twin/Super Reverb) and everybody is happy with them.
Google the "stage center reverb" project; it,s a nice reverb built as a pedal, so you can use it with any amp you wish.
Although it will be more complex than the Noisy Cricket itself. ;)


I was kind of strugling how to match the memory of me liking my old twin reverb sound with my concept of reverb coming last... thanks!

J M Fahey

If you use a "Super Nuclear Kill 'em All Crush Your Brains Cyanide Poison Distortion" you'd *better* use reverb after it, but for a relatively smooth power amp crunch (even more if it´s tube), no big deal.
Same with many pedals, including Chorus and Delays.


I think I will just add a pre / post switch :-)

Oh no... that was exactly what is not possible!