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bsiab2-lm383/lm386 suggestions?

Started by afurydevine, January 03, 2012, 05:19:30 PM

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Hey guys, I want to make a small "metal" practice amp i can power with batteries.. I've built lm386 amps and run dist boxes to them and they work but could use a little more grunt hence my inquiry to using a lm383.. my concern is if i can get enough clean headroom with the lm386 to let the bsiab2 do its thing at volume? maybe try the hiwatt mod to the ruby with pins 1 and 8 open for headroom?

i was thinking a bsiab2, or a thor to get my dirt.. i haven't heard either of these in person so suggestions are welcome! Also, if i stick to a lm386 circut wouldn't the buffer be essentially obsolete if i never intend to remove the grit circut?


oops.. i meant to be talking about the tba820m.. not the lm383 for a higher power option

J M Fahey

The TBA820 is a little more complex to use, but provides the maximum power for battery fed equipment.
It´s the only one which provides almost 2W RMS with 9V.
Try that with an LM386 (too simplified) or an LM383 (*really* requires 12V or more)


Hi afurydevine,

Yeah I tend to agree that those fet circuits are a bit overrated. :-X

Then Try Mictester's RSO (Really smooth OD) Just play with the break point for a little more hi freq but be careful as it's easy to have tooooo much hi freq content and it destroys the effect.

I know because I've breadboard tested the RSO on several occasions.

My comments can be found here; http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=12212&p=154908&hilit=rso#p154908

Just go to *Free Stomp Boxes* look for member *mictester*
or Google *really smooth overdrive* it should be close to the top of the first search page.

Very simple and very rich sustain,,Easy to get that Carlos Santana sustain.

Of course if you add my  PhAbbTone circuit in front it will open even bigger possibilities.