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December 07, 2023, 03:30:56 PM

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Danelectro Hodad mini amp mods

Started by petey twofinger, September 06, 2011, 05:29:46 AM

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petey twofinger

i got one of these , rehoused it with a decent size speaker (5 inch) , removed the delay time resistor and cut in a pot , same thing with the tremolo rate resistor .

i am really fond of this mini amp .

the only thing left to do is mod the delay so i have a real wet/dry mix pot .

any ideas on how to go about this ?

thanks !

J M Fahey

petey twofinger

unfortunately i couldnt find one ! i spose i may do some poking around on the board , if there is an output on the delay chip that goes to a resistor then to an op amp , maybe if i cut in a pot there it would boost the delay volume .

i am not going for 100 percent wet , the thing is "stock" the delay is VERY quiet .

makes my blood boil . how about at LEAST a switch , or a trimmer pot guys ?


What delay chip is it? Datasheets often provide a good guide how to extract certain functions from chips.