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1970's sears 125-xl amp

Started by LJN, April 16, 2011, 12:12:51 AM

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in what year was the gibson firebird released?

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Quote from: LJN on June 13, 2011, 12:49:07 AM
I have one more question about this amp. I'm pretty sure it needs a cap job because the bass control doesn't work like it should. I've been playing through it since december, and it still sounds great. My question is; Will it hurt the amp if I keep playing through it? Please get back to me on it.

                                                                                           Thanks, LJN

No harm in playing it the way it is, it just won't work properly till you replace those caps.  Electrolytic capacitors are only good for 10 to 30 years depending on the quality, so it's probably time.
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Thanks, Joe. You're right these capacitors are 41 tears old, plus they've been exposed to the weather for about 10 years. It's a wonder that this amp is working at all. It still sonds good, though. I still need to finish the new casing for the head, cover it, and replace the channel 1 volume pot. If playing it without doing a cap job won't do any harm, then I'll leave that part alone. I like the way it sounds as-is. At the moment, the case is just plywood with screws holding it together. It's not much to look at, but it serves it's purpose. I'm gonna fix it as soon as possible. I'm afraid to take it anywhere at present, It may fall apart. I've moved it, but the case felt pretty sturdy, though. But you know how these things go, It never happens in a place where you can just go ahead and fix it.
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I take back what I said abot not being able to get modern heavy metal tones from this amp. I was playing around one night, and I got some of the most muffled, heavy sounding tones I'd ever heard. This amp WILL handle most any type of music you'd want to play through it.
If it sounds good, USE IT!

Epiphone Les Paul, Kasino U100- P, Sears 125-XL

Big Bruce

In 1972 I purchased a shiny new Silvertone 125XL piggy-back amp right out of the Sears Catalog,  GOD AM I OLD!!!   

Based on my reading of the original owners manual, and looking at the schematic, I disagree about the power.  I believe that the RMS wattage was 125 watts.  The speakers were 12" Jensens, each capable of handling at least 50 watts RMS.  That sucker was LOUD.  Mine was the model with the 9 sliders, rather than the older, (but very similar) model with the 10 knobs.  My brother bought the older model used, and we used to jam with a young drummer, at Mike's Drum Shop in Santa Barbara.

The reverb, as I recall, was good and strong.  I don't think it was the same unit, as in the older knob model.  It sounded better, and there was plenty for me.  The Tremolo worked to absolute perfection.  I really liked the amp, but in later years, after getting married, and the kids coming along, I sold it and bought a Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb amp, which I loved for a number of years.

The piezo-type reverb was used by Danelectro, in their notorious "Reverb Box", of the mid 1960's.  They were horrid units.  I'm pretty sure the one on my amp was an improved design, as I remember the reverb on my brother's knob model sounded like crap. 
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