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October 03, 2023, 07:26:33 PM

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Started by truthseeker57, November 18, 2010, 04:29:26 PM

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Hello all.....at the risk of being labeled a headcase, I have a story to tell, and it might make some of you weep. Some years ago I came by a prototype of a Hartley Thompson stereo combo which was made for Allan Holdsworth, and he sold it to our mutual friend Steve Topping, who used it on the Level 42 tour soon after. Lugging around two 2x12 cabs to gigs was never my idea of fun, and so I decided to tranfer the contents of both amps into a single 4U flight case and use them with separate cabs in stereo. All went fine until I got to the point of removing the circuits - only then did I find that there was no way they were going to fit inside a 19" rack, as that standard still did not exist when these amps were designed. So I went about stripping out all the components and managed to find a way to get the oversized circuit boards to fit inside the 4U rack. That is the positive part - to cut a long story short, I now have all the parts stripped out, several years have passed, and I no longer remember where everything went  :'(, despite the detailed diagrams I made. I did not have the finances necessary to pay someone to do this properly, and neither could I find anyone interested in such a project, and being impetuous I went ahead anyway....
This amplifier is probably worth a considerable amount of money now, aside from the fact that it was one of the first guitar amps to come anywhere close to emualating a tube amp in terms of warmth and sustain. Many of the components are probably impossible to find nowadays. It appears that Hartley Thompson as a company has disappeared into the mists of time, and several years searching for circuit diagrams has so far yielded nothing whatsoever. What I do have however is a quantity of digital photographs of each circuit as I went about stripping it all down. I have little doubt that there would be some of you capable of rebuilding the amps without too much effort, but I am a complete noob to electronics, and find myself now totally at a loss.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.


J M Fahey

Don't know whether that job can be accomplished by remote control, but start by setting up a gallery at some good image sharing server, specially one which does not automatically downsize pictures, and post there everything you have.
Not sure that even then it will be enough, but let me tell you that trying to fit everything back on the original chassis (Twin size?) may have some possibilities of success, "form follows function" and that helps; but trying to go ahead and fit it into a 19" rack, not at all.

J M Bordiga

I can add that it is crucial for you to track anyone else that have an actual amp working, then ask him/her to take photographs of the inside, so you can get the real thing as it is. Then you MUST to re-place all the parts were they belong, as J M Fahey says, then think a way to compact things without destroying them.
Cheers,  :tu:

Trying to expand sound frontiers... With a little hepl from my friends :)


Why not try contacting Pete Hartley about this - just Google  :)

Hartley Electric Music Sheffield

- he is still working in Sheffield, yep, still there after all these years!   :)  

 The company isn't so completely lost in the mists of time that Pete can't be found if you want to...