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January 28, 2023, 09:41:26 PM

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How about a preamp with a decent input section and active tone?

Started by lefizz, October 30, 2007, 08:49:01 AM

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Right i was reading a section over on DIYaudio when a guy called minion posted an active tone control section. I thought this combined with the 2 stage preamp i was working on would probably work quite well.

This was my first thoughts on the idea


Then i was thinking but this would mean that the second 11 x section from the initial design would be removed so i imagine i would have to stick this back on after the active tone. Does that make sense?


what advantage is there for the preamp-tone control? wouldn't connecting the preamp to the power amp suffice?


Well i guess that you get tone control on your amp??

And an active one will allow you to shape the sound more however i think that this cicuit as it stand doesnt give enough gain


sorry what I meant was having passive tone controls against that of active tone controls, any advantages/disadvantages?


The main advantage is that you can boost rather than just cut frequencies. This means a wider range of tones can be produced by the preamp, i cant think of any disadvantages.