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July 21, 2024, 08:58:41 AM

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Fender Roc Pro 700 Reverb/footswitch problems

Started by youngnorris, May 26, 2022, 09:42:21 PM

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FRP700 combo amp can't switch channels via the footswitch. Reverb control doesn't work either. Reverb pot and tank have been gone over and seem to be okay. Also replaced diodes in the switching circuit on the board. Resistor that connects switching circuit to rest of the amp is fine as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


With NO footswitch, does the channel select switch work?   And does the reverb work?

What resistor that connects to the rest of the amp?  You mean R110?   Please use part numbers.  If R110, is there about 30vAC on one end?

Not sure why we would change a bunch of diodes.

Look at your schematic, at the footswitch circuit.  See all those test points with voltages for switching conditions?  How do your voltages compare?