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December 04, 2022, 07:51:03 PM

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FX loop noise

Started by Lex, August 06, 2020, 05:41:48 AM

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Hi, I upgraded my gear with Roland 405.
When I connect Zoom G1on at fx loop I get at some presets terrible noise.
I never experienced (as inexperienced novice) that,
but on my Hotone Nano head Zoom trough Fx loop works perfectly.

Anyone an idea about what's going on here..?

Could it be that Zoom is not so much compatible with older Fx loop designs?



Jazz P Bass

Try the guitar into the Zoom & then go into the FX Return jack.
This will tell if it is a Send circuit issue or a Return circuit issue.
Be aware that you may have to adjust the gain on some of the Zoom presets.



> Try the guitar into the Zoom & then go into the FX Return jack.

This is something new to me, Ill try it, thanx!

I have put Zoom infront of the amp Guitar > zoom > amp - and is normal, how is should be.

Later I have connected Zoom back to Fx loop, selected noisy presets (now with the headphones on) and went into the setup menu of each added effect / amp.
With muting an effect the noise was gone.
So I suppose that what you say -the gain could be the problem, maybe with the heavy distortion, flanger  ..
But I didnt have too much time now to go deeper in setup, so thats Todo



With Zoom (or any other wacky do it all in one pedal unit) inserted in FX loop of any hi gain amp this is always going to be a potential squeal like a pig problem. :duh

Reason is because most hot rod guitar preamps already have a lot of gain  so the moment you use a zoom with hi gain patches then the oscillation will be hard to suppress.

Used in front of amp (as per normal) then it's usually ok.
or as already mentioned zoom into FX return (bypass the Amps preamp) ok.
But not wise to use both hot rod preamps. :loco


Thanx Phil for reply.

Have to try suggested, amp was cleaned away from the room during the late summer, now im making a new setup.

Getting rid of Fender / Squier and going further with Roland, Hotone and Kustom Tube*.

Im aware of your taste for Zoom stuff.
Well me as a 'beginner' I have to say it does do everything I need and is a great learning tool.
But I see now that Im outgrowing it.