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July 21, 2024, 08:32:37 AM

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Trace Elliot Tramp 40W all SS repairing and Schematics

Started by Rectifriar, July 08, 2018, 09:01:11 PM

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Hello- I'm new and not sure if I'm in the right place but...

I recently obtained a 1996 Trace Elliot Tramp 112 40W combo, no footswitch.  Channel 2 only  in this config. I bought a generic "apex" brand 3 button latching footswitch which when connected should operate chan 1/2, boost on/off, and reverb on/off. It did not work.  Channel 1 comes on but won't switch to channel 2 even though chan2 light comes on-while chan1 light stays on?  Boost light comes on but has no effect and reverb is now foot switchable!  So that's 1 out of 3. Second thing was(I fixed it)a hiss and crackle/popping  on chan 1- I replaced the electrolytic caps and that is fixed.  Third issue- this is strange- when at mid to high volume and strumming a chord- a louder attack which immediately drops the volume which comes back a bit as the chord rings, the gain will sometimes drop out as well at the same time and switching from bridge to neck pickup will affect this gain drop/back in. This last one is the weirdest amp behavior I've experienced ever and have several 70's and 80's SS amps that have never done anything like this.

My Questions:

1) What the Hell?

2)does anyone have schematic and shop manual for this amp(I have emailed Trace Elliot, so far no response)? ***I checked the available schematic resources on SSguitar and no dice. Half of the links were dead as well.

3)Is there a schematic for the 3 button footswitch?  I can make my own but not sure what is required.

4) Should I chopstick the components to look for a bad solder joint? 

5)  Should I just burn it?

Any help on this weirdo would be appreciated- when I took out the board from the faceplate I was surprised at how simple the components were- nothing chip based, all analog and presumably easy to fix. I am very comfortable desoldering and swapping parts out.  Assuming someone hadn't been in there before and scabbed in non-spec parts? Schematic would help and I've scoured the google with no luck for this.

Let me know anything that might help.



This is for a Super Tramp but might help with the switching.
If it ain't broke I'll fix it until it is.


Contact Peavey customer service, Trace is one of their brands.

Ball up your fist and whack the top of the amp hard.   Does that make the sound drop out or go soft?  Of when the amp has dropped volume does whacking bring it back?

Plug a cord from FX send to FX return, any help?


As far as the channel switching footswitch, both the front panel buttons need to be set to the out position.  Give them some exercise, a dirty front panel switch might also make the footswitch not work correctly.


I know this is an old thread, but just got a Tramp that has the exact same issues as the OP.  Wondering if there was ever a solution to the channel switching problem.  I have tried all the various one and two button foot switches I own-none make a difference. I've touched up the main PC board with solder and it generally works well except for low frequency oscillation on the gain channel if reverb is turned up (new tank installed).