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April 19, 2024, 08:55:55 AM

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20 watt battery power guitar amp

Started by rring, September 01, 2012, 05:10:10 PM

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I am new to this forum and thought someone might find my amp design interesting. Its a guitar amp designed for busking and uses a cordless drill or SLA  battery for power. It has discrete circuitry until the final amp which is a TDA7360. Its relatively simple but has all kinds of potential for tweaks and I am sure others can come up with improvements.
I have attached the schematic. Sound samples, circuit variations and pictures can be seen at: www.circuitsalad.com

J M Fahey

Congratulations on a real cool and advanced project.
Thanks for posting.


We've had lots of requests over the years for a 12v battery powered amp, looks like this fits the bill.
Life is what you make it.
Still rockin' the Dean Markley K-20X


I hope at least a few builders will like this circuit, if nothing else as a point of departure for a tweaked, custom tailored design. The reverb circuit may be overkill for many; getting a spring tank to work would not be hard at all.  I can tell you that the TDA7360 is a winner and easy to work with.  Basically anything in front of a tone stack and the final driver/feedback/TDA7360 sub circuit should sound good. I power it with my 14.4V NiMH makita battery and its loud as hell. I blew my original 6" MOD speaker apart! If anyone has suggestions - I'd love to make it better.