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February 06, 2023, 12:31:59 PM

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best order for effects

Started by LJN, June 04, 2011, 08:39:14 PM

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I just thought I'd ask what order most of you out there put your effects in. Do you put a wah before distortion, or after, like I do? I'd like to find some new sounds, and I thought this would be the best place for suggestions. As always, I appreciate any replies, and advice.

                                                                   Thanks, LJN
If it sounds good, USE IT!

Epiphone Les Paul, Kasino U100- P, Sears 125-XL


i place an ab switch in parralel first so i can place a tuner in circuit without it stealing signal, then a  wah wah followed by a compressor,distortion,eq,phase,then delay or reverb...hope this helps...try a menatone blue collar pedal.one of the orignal ones without the external battery compartment.it's the only overdrive pedal i have used that maintains the original sound when the knobs are adjusted.i have hundreds of pedals and this pedal blows the tube screamers out of the water. this is the pedal that put menatone in the pedal business.it put's everthing i have tried by the wayside....also try a orange squeezer kit for a compressor from general gadjets,they also make a good kit for tube screamer people. it is a really good pedal also close ,but not a blue collar.for the money though it's a great overdrive pedal.the blue collar goes from clean to marshall like tones.hope this helps!!!....edwardeffect1


Thanks alot, I've tried putting a wah before distortion, but I didn't like it. here's a list of how I run my pedals, starting with what I put closest to the guitar. Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz; Boss OC-2 octave; Johnson DEQ-2 distortion; Johnson SC-2 stereo chorus; Johnson EAD-2 analog Delay; and a Vox V847 wah-wah pedal. The amp I use has no effects loop, which I like. I still need to get a compressor, though. Is the dyna comp any good?
If it sounds good, USE IT!

Epiphone Les Paul, Kasino U100- P, Sears 125-XL