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December 04, 2022, 07:54:00 PM

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Need Help RE: Potentionmeters (pots) for Dean Markley DMC-80 amplifier

Started by 1HoneyNut, March 16, 2011, 06:58:56 PM

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I new to all this and some help. I need to replace the vol, reverb and bass potentionmenters in a Dean Markley DCM-80 amp. However, parts are no longer available  i've been told. Any suggestions on comprable replacement pots? I have been told that the reverb pot is 10k linear and that the vol. and bass pots are 250k audio taper. Does anyone know if this is correct?
I guess if I can't actual parts my only option is to get comprable pots that fit the chassis and wirre them to the board... does that make sense?
Frustrated but hopefull,
I have pasted below a picture of the potentionmeter.(see below)

J M Fahey

Volume= 250K A
Gain= 1M A
Level= 10K B
Treble=250K B
Bass= 250K A
Mid= 10K B
Reverb= 10K B
You can use any pot, same size, they might be 16mm (small) or 25mm (large) body.
Suppose they have PCB mount legs; post a couple pictures.


HoneyNut, I'm curious about why you are replacing those three potentiometers?


Quote from: guitarkitbuilder on March 17, 2011, 09:23:23 AM
HoneyNut, I'm curious about why you are replacing those three potentiometers?

Me too.  While they might be worn out it is quite possible that just cleaning them might fix any issues you are having with them.
Life is what you make it.
Still rockin' the Dean Markley K-20X


Simple, I was cleaning the pots, spraying them with electrical contact cleaner and when I tried to pull the knobs off ...the shafts came out with the knobs. Evidently they had either been glued on or were just old. In my inexperience I just thought they were diferents kinds of knobs.  My bad!Now I am screwed so I've been trying to replace them with much difficulty.