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Hi folks,

Is there any point in changing out the 4558s in a (first model, mid-1983) Peavey KB 300?

Is there much of anything to be gained by this? The amp works fine, though it's maybe a bit noisier than I'd wish.

The Newcomer's Forum / Peavey KB 300 assistance needed
October 28, 2023, 01:15:24 AM

I just picked up a KB 300 for a song. The unit is really nice, but the controls are dirty and the cord jacket is cracked just outside of the Heyco grommet. ETA: Cord is fixed.. Had to cut off 1" and re-set the cord in the grommet.

So the chassis needs to come out but I'm not having much luck. I found 4 screws on top (chrome strips) and 4 more in the back that secure the chassis to the case. Also unplugged the speakers & reverb tank.

The chassis can be shifted a bit, but won't slide out the rear.. what am I missing? More screws somewhere? ETA: Got it. Was hanging up on the edge of the chassis.

Also.. this is the early version (no XLR input), built in mid-1983. It doesn't have the pair of 5W resistors on the back of the tweeter horn. Should these be added, for safety? Do you know the correct value(s)?

Howdy folks,

Anyone know what's going on under the hood of the CB BE Dlx Tap? Is it just switch hardware, or is there some fancy logic involved?

Being it connects to the footswitch jack, I'd think it would have to be a pretty smart device..
This is a new-to-me Polytone TE, made in 1997. First thing, I can't find a schematic that's specific to the model. In fact, the one I'm using doesn't even show the power amp or the speaker wiring. What I've found is available here:

My PA uses the MJ802 / MJ4502 outputs and may match one of the 110W drawings in the above folder.

One other question: The footswitch is missing. Does it use latching or momentary switches? (I'm assuming the former..). Anyone have a spare?

Oh, also, please take a look at the photos.  See the flying resistor? The caps too small for the clamps, shimmed up with foam tape? The general ratty wiring? Has someone modded it, or are these all "stock features"?

Thanks in advance, more to come as time permits.