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I have been looking into creating a tiny practice guitar amp that can run on a 9V battery. Marshall, Fender, Vox, Orange, and even Danelectro all make one of those tiny practice amps. I've found a schematic for several of these amps, but the Orange 3W Mini Amp is, in my opinion, the absolute holy grail of mini amps. They really do sound night-and-day better than the others. I'm not looking to build a clone. In fact, the Orange Mini Amp has a built in tuner that I am not interested in including in my design. But boy I'd love to see what makes their gain circuits sound like that.

There was an Orange 3W "Micro" Amp that came out (think) in around 2015. But in 2018, they released the Orange Crush 3W "Mini" Amp. Ha! The cabinet and everything look exactly the same. One is the Micro and the new one, the Mini... but the sound is quite different. I'd really LOVE to see a schematic of the 2015 Micro and the 2018 Mini, so I could see what they did differently in mkII. I am not experienced enough to reverse engineer a PCB, otherwise, I'd just buy the $70 amp and take it apart. But... if I am honest with myself (and you guys), I am pretty sure I'd just wreck the amp, and not fully understand what I'd be seeing. Especially if the PCB is has multiple layers etc. I wouldn't know how to even tell.

Anybody got any ideas?
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