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Rainger FX allows you to give your pedal board a drink with the new Minibar


While I'm not sure there was ever a need for this, it is interesting.  Rainger FX has released the Minibar pedal.  A stomp box that only functions when it has liquid poured into it.  It will then sample the liquid and based upon unknown properties, it will register with the device and choose a tone for you.  For $159 you can have this on your pedal board - though I have to ask, why?

Apparently the more conductive the liquid, the higher the gain.  The darker the liquid in color, the darker the tone (more bass).


Liquids + electronics + pedalboards + bar gigs = good idea?

Definitely fun idea.

That would be a waste of a good malt whisky.
Your tone would sound a lot better if you drank the whole bottle. ;)


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