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Light Bulb Limiter

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--- Quote from: MJL21193 on March 22, 2011, 07:12:03 AM ---Nice!
I built mine into my homemade lab supply. There is a plastic tube that channels the light to the front panel:

--- End quote ---

How many watts is that bulb?

It's 60 watts - good for most everything I do. Convenient and out of the way, it's always ready. It feeds an outlet on the front of the supply, top one is limited by the bulb, bottom one has unlimited mains voltage.

This is just my second post here, but I couldn't help notice this thread.   I have used a ligt bulb limiter several times, it's a quick easy way to safely control startups and testing.

Here's my take on the limiter...

Sorry for the late comment, but this is cool, JM.  :tu:

I built one a few years ago. Works like a charm. I wouldn't want to make smoke without it! dv :lmao:


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